Sleep Paralysis – Dreaming or Not?

The Nightmare - John Henry Fuseli - 1781.  Creative Commons
Frozen and Fearful When you lay in your bed and some weird stuff makes you wonder if you're in a horror flick If you have experienced some really odd or frightening experiences laying in your bed at night where you find you cannot move your body, you may be experiencing a phenomenon called sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis usually occurs right before falling into a deep s...
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Do Dreams of Taking Tests Make You Feel Like Preparing for a Nuclear Attack?

credit: pixbay
Dreaming of test taking can almost feel like preparing for a nuclear explosion!  Anxiety over test taking  is  a common theme for many people whether they are students or not at the time of the dream. Preparing for tests and the end of semester onslaught of 'to-dos' (or the equivalent of these in the working world) can make anyone feel like they are needing to prepare for...
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5 Ways to Work With Your Dreams!

Photo Credit: Pixbay
Whether you are new to writing down your dreams or have done them for a while now, here are some ways that may make it fun and interesting to work with your dreams.  The more you work on them, the better you come to understanding them.   1 Pen, Pencil, and Paper Dream Journaling The Old School Way Don't be turned off by getting paper and pencil, especially if yo...
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Hello Dreamers!

I welcome you to Urban Dreamer!   You landed in the right place!  Make no mistake, you were meant to find our corner of the (internet) world! Here you can learn more about your dreams of the night and you may also find some nifty items that may help make your waking-life environment ooze your love and passion for dreams.   Whether you are a long-time dream lover or new to this ...
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