Do Dreams of Taking Tests Make You Feel Like Preparing for a Nuclear Attack?

credit: pixbay
credit: pixbay

Dreaming of test taking can almost feel like preparing for a nuclear explosion! 

Anxiety over test taking  is  a common theme for many people whether they are students or not at the time of the dream.

Preparing for tests and the end of semester onslaught of ‘to-dos’ (or the equivalent of these in the working world) can make anyone feel like they are needing to prepare for a nuclear attack sometimes!  Or feeling attacked!

Some possible ‘interpretations’ of  a nuclear explosion dream or major test taking dream can range from:

  1. Feeling unprepared in any waking life situation
  2. Having low self-esteem tackling some big things coming up in your life
  3. Feeling being ‘put to the test’ in some situation you are facing
  4. Feeling overwhelmed by what is coming at you at this time

It could be any or all of the combination of the above may and know that any dream belongs to the dreamer you have the final say as to what this kind of dreams means for you.  These are only suggestions as to what it may mean.     Also know that the dream could also be totally unrelated to school and coursework!  Whether you are a student or not!  It is up to you to see hat is happening in you life that feels explosive or feel you need to be prepared for before “IT” hits!

Overall, know that these kinds of unsettling dreams are meant to ‘jar’ you in some way. 

It is a way your subconscious works to bring your attention to something major that is happening in your waking life that needs your attention.   Something recently may have triggered memories from the past or put you on alert.     You may or may not be working out some explosive situation in your current waking life as you sleep, on an unconscious level.      No matter what the case may be, just know it is GOOD to have these kinds of dreams!

No matter what the case may be, just know it is GOOD to have these kinds of dreams!      Lean ‘into them’ so to speak and as disturbing as they may be they are helping you in some way.  How?

  1. Alerting you there are some major things coming your way you need to pay attention to, and like, right now.
  2. You are already aware and feeling a lot of things on the conscious level, and the dream helps to mitigate the feelings to help bring some emotional equilibrium in the waking state.

Look at this video below and the power it shows (after that ‘intro’  disregard that…. )

And then we are in a waiting period until…   until “IT” happens–the explosion, the cloud, etc.

And this is no Michael Bay film, just like your life and the things you face are no Michael Bay film.    You may be waiting for loud sounds and spectacular things to come into your view in your waking life, but if you dream of this kind of thing  it may be  time to pay attention to what is going on in your waking life.


You see it, view it from a distance.    And then it may hit you like a nuclear explosion if you are unprepared.

Whatever you are worried about and may  have anxiety over, it may come in you dreams as a nuclear explosion.

Working with your dreams might help you maneuver through your waking life and be better prepared for what is going on and what is to come.   Much is to be said with working with your subconscious in this way.    Time to wake up and take notice!

Do it.  It will help you move upwards and onwards — if you start paying attention to your dreams.  Do something for YOU. Not for a grade, not for a paycheck.. just something for YOU.  And the beauty of dream working is it’s a way to do so that is not only fascinating  but helps you start getting rid of the ‘noise’ of waking life.   You can find ways to start in my short but sweet article: 5 Ways to Work with Your Dreams.


Get your Dream Mojo on!

Cheers 🙂  and HAPPY DREAMING!



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