Sleep Paralysis – Dreaming or Not?

The Nightmare - John Henry Fuseli - 1781.  Creative Commons
Frozen and Fearful When you lay in your bed and some weird stuff makes you wonder if you're in a horror flick If you have experienced some really odd or frightening experiences laying in your bed at night where you find you cannot move your body, you may be experiencing a phenomenon called sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis usually occurs right before falling into a deep s...
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Do Dreams of Taking Tests Make You Feel Like Preparing for a Nuclear Attack?

credit: pixbay
Dreaming of test taking can almost feel like preparing for a nuclear explosion!  Anxiety over test taking  is  a common theme for many people whether they are students or not at the time of the dream. Preparing for tests and the end of semester onslaught of 'to-dos' (or the equivalent of these in the working world) can make anyone feel like they are needing to prepare for...
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