Knowledge is power — you’ve heard that time and again.   In this niche of the internet cityscape, Urban Dreamer hopes to give you information about dreams in fun and interesting ways!  It’s not a ‘jungle out there’ once we map out the dream city-scape.

Not only that, Urban Dreamer will let you express your interest and love of dreams and dreamwork in the waking world with all the unique products we will provide here.


Liz the Young DreamerLet me introduce myself and my story…   My name is Liz and I have been involved with dreams since I was a girl.    I love all things dream related.  I have found that looking at my dreams has helped me be more creative in waking life, as well as helping me understand myself more, figure out what is bugging me, helped me in relationships, and more.

In 2001 I became a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, volunteering for their organization for several years, and have met many a great dream-worker during the process!   Some of the tops in the field!

This helped pave the way for me to extend my ‘dream wings’ by joining a group that offered dream reflection services to the visitor of the site.   I’ve given over nearly 3800 dream reflections to dreamers, like you, who were wondering what their dreams mean!      What was fantastic and did a heart good was all the positive feedback I received. Some would say “OMG, you hit right on” or a variation of that.  I also tried to teach them how to work with their dreams themselves within the written reflection for the dream, as I thought important to show and tell others they can do it for themselves too.

I started the Urban Dreamer site because for years now it was a waking life ‘dream’ for me to do.    A place people can come to visit, that gives dream information in a FUN and exciting ways, as well as to offer dream-related products that would excite me (lord knows how many ‘dream’ things I have run across and wanted to bring into my home) that I think others might like too.

Glad you found this niche of the net.  Let’s get your Dream Mojo On!

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