5 Ways to Work With Your Dreams!

Photo Credit: Pixbay
Photo Credit: Pixbay

Whether you are new to writing down your dreams or have done them for a while now, here are some ways that may make it fun and interesting to work with your dreams.  The more you work on them, the better you come to understanding them.



Pen, Pencil, and Paper

Dream Journaling The Old School Way

Don’t be turned off by getting paper and pencil, especially if you are used to typing on your PC or other electronic devices.  There are online methods (which we will cover those below), but there is something to be said for writing down your dreams the old school way.  Research shows that the act of actually writing something down (as in note-taking for class) helps to further solidify the information in a way that typing something out doesn’t do.  You can jot the main ideas, dream characters, words that stood out to you or any imagery as an outline, or as a brainstorming session, or straight on sentences.



Drawing Sketches

Get Your Creativity Flowing

Along with writing things down, you can draw sketches (and you don’t have to be an artist to do this even stick figures work).  Drawing helps you work out the messages your subconscious is trying to relay to you via your dreams in a very different way than words do.  You may unconver some thuncover may have forgotten appeared in the dream.   The process of drawing may trigger some waking life memory from the past that may or may not be directly related to the dream, but will be nonetheless helpful in discovering the dream’s message.   You can then start to jot down main words, phrases, etc (and it does not have to be perfect, this is just for you).   Drawing additonally helps you break out of the need for perfection in your writing (some may have a a mental barrier, and it helps you break out of the box).


Recording Your Dreams

Let’s Hear It For Dreams

You can use the recording feature on your smart phone or buy a small recording device to allow you to talk your dream out.  This can allow for the free-flow of your thoughts and impressions of the dream, that you can use later to track and store either on paper or on your computer.   What is great about this method, especially if you wake up in the middle of the night, is you can record and get most of the dream content out quickly, then go back to sleep.   It is important to write down your dreams soon as you wake because many people tend to forget parts, if not all, the dream content.    There are apps that you can find that help you record your dreams in this way.  Dream Shadow allows you to either voice record your dreams or type them in, and has other features as well.  YOu can find an article in Wired Magazine that outlines everything about the app here: https://www.wired.com/2013/09/shadow-a-beautiful-app-that-helps-you-remember-your-dreams/



Typing Your Dreams

Modern Dream Journaling

An obvious way to record your dreams is to use your PC (or other device) to type out your dreams.   Make sure to give your dream a title (again, does not have to be perfect), and start the dream ‘story’.   You can use MS Word or any other word-processing program, even Notepad would be fine.  Create a folder to just for your Dreams and place it on your Desktop or some other easily accessible place , so that you are reminded to enter more dreams and revisit your past ones.

There are online sites that allow you to write and store your dreams on their server.  DreamsCloud is one such place and you can start an account for free at www.dreamscloud.com.   They offer other ways you can work with your dream such as what were your main feelings in the dream, what main colors stood out, and allows you to select or upload a photo to go with it.  They also offer an app version as well.



Physical Object into Your Life

Bring the Dream Into Waking Life

Photo Credit: Pixbay

Another way to work with the dream is to find an object or some representation of one element in the dream and keep it around your home, workspace, bedroom, etc.  For example, if you dreamed of being at the ocean and seeing a whale, I would go and find a whale somewhere (dollar stores, toy stores or even places like Amazon would probably sell them or print out a photo from your computer) and it doesn’t have to be large, and keep it around you.   It is a visual reminder and as the days/weeks go by, you may find more insight, meaning, and understanding of the dream might come to you stronger.


What are other ways you can think of to work with your dreams?    What inspires you?  Is it music?  Then find songs to fit the meaning or mood.



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